Monday, 23 February 2015

Ramakrishna Vaddempudi - Staying Balanced

Ramakrishna Vaddempudi has dedicated himself to being the most disciplined professional in the field of software development and computational engineering because he wants to further mankind as a whole. Vaddempudi has a level of innate passion and skill in software that is second to none, and he continues to demonstrate that with every new successful project he completes, and every new and intriguing idea he proposes. Vaddempudi is simply a professional who is ahead of his time, and loves to dive head first into his field to learn the secrets and nuances of it. Vaddempudi says that what sets him apart from most he believes is that others simply are not as fascinated as himself by technology and mathematics, and that this very fascination tends to evolve into an obsession, which equates to him spending hours of his time alone studying a developing software. Vaddempudi says that though this often helps him do well in his field, that sometimes his obsessive nature prevents him from having an active social life, or remembering to make time for his family and friends, something he says that he needs to work on to balance himself out better as an individual.

Ramakrishna Vaddempudi says that maintaining balance in life is one of the most important things you can do, but it is far easier said than done. Vaddempudi says that most likely people will spend their entire lives trying to find the perfect balance between work and play, social and professional duties, and that thought it is unlikely to ever find this perfect balance, being happy with whatever you are capable of is a good start to a healthy life. Vaddempudi says that physical and mental health starts from within, and balance will come naturally with time.

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Ramakrishna Vaddempudi - A Philanthropist

Ramakrishna Vaddempudi is a man who loves to give back, and never hesitates when it comes to improving a community, or even the world at large. Being impoverished once himself while living in India with his mother, Vaddempudi knows first hand what it feels like to need a helping hand, and that even the smallest amount can make the most remarkable difference. Vaddempudi himself remembers  that his mother got a computer for him through the One Laptop per Child charity organization. This organization helped Vaddempudi himself have access to a wealth of information, allowing him to expand his knowledge and find out the many scholarship programs available for those who excelled in scholastics. Vaddempudi would not miss this opportunity, and devoted himself to academics so that he would later receive the scholarships necessary for him to study and a college in America. Vaddempudi remembers fondly how much that simply, cheap laptop effected his life, which is why he is now an avid philanthropist, and gives back through many programs that are non profit, especially ones that operate in India. Vaddempudi feels that it is part of his life obligation and duty to help others, as he himself once needed that very help to become who he is today.

Ramakrishna Vaddempudi says that the smallest contribution often means the most to those who have the least, which is why he always makes sure to do what he can for those less fortunate than themselves. Vaddempudi says that you can never truly know how beautiful a flower is until you water it, and that children are the same way, all they require is a bit of nourishment and they can do wonderful things, something Vaddempudi himself can attest to.

Saturday, 7 February 2015

Ramakrishna Vaddempudi - Rising Above

Ramakrishna Vaddempudi is an individual who is no stranger to strife and hardship, and has experienced plenty of heartache in his 27 years of life on this planet. Vaddempudi was born in India to his single mother in poverty. When he was just a baby his father abandoned both him and his mother, leaving them only with many siblings and even more debt. During this turbulent time life was an every day fight and struggle for survival, something Vaddempudi says he remembers all too well. Vaddempudi today works as a professional software developer and tester in America, and enjoys a comfortable and stable life and career, but is not the kind of person that takes that for granted. Vaddempudi knows that there are people out there who are suffering at this very moment in the world, and that sometimes they need nothing more than a helping hand to show them that the world isn't as ugly of a place as they may think. Vaddempudi says that everyone comes across obstacles in their lives, and overcoming them is what will set you apart from others. Vaddempudi says it is important not to let anyone convince you that you are incapable of succeeding, because in the end it is your own belief in yourself that will catapult you to your dreams.

Ramakrishna Vaddempudi says that the way to conquer obstacles and rise above things that cripple you such as poverty and a broken family is simply to keep moving forward, one step at a time. Vaddempudi says that there were many times in his life that he lost hope, simply wanting to lie down in the dirt and give up. Instead, he kept moving forward, hoping that maybe something brighter was awaiting just over the horizon, and when he climbed that hill, he was not disappointed.